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A Dog and Cat Titer Test Can Help You Protect Your Pet

Jul 11, 2023, 1:49 PM

Titer testing, sometimes called antibody titer testing or serology testing, is useful in veterinary medicine for determining how well dogs' and cats' immune systems respond to particular infections. In order to assess whether a pet has sufficient immunity against specific infectious diseases, the quantities of antibodies in the blood must be measured. Veterinarians may now confirm their pet patient's health safety and avoid additional immunization treatments thanks to products like VacciCheck, a core vaccine titer test offered by Biogal-Galed Laboratories, which has been at the forefront of veterinary diagnostics innovation. This product, now offered in Dubai and the GCC by top veterinary supplier Eurovets is used by veterinarians worldwide and aids pet owners in making decisions on their pets' vaccination schedules and general health maintenance.

Need For Titer Test

The primary purpose of titer testing is to determine if a pet has sufficient immunity against specific diseases without the need for unnecessary revaccination. Traditional vaccination protocols typically follow a set schedule, where pets receive booster shots at regular intervals. However, recent research has shown that immunity to many diseases can last longer than previously thought, and unnecessary revaccination can potentially lead to over-vaccination and associated risks. The extent of protection offered by earlier immunizations can be evaluated by titer testing with Feline VacciCheck or Canine VacciCheck. It determines the number of antibodies in the blood, immune system-produced proteins made in response to exposure to a particular disease or immunization. By identifying and neutralizing disease-causing chemicals, antibodies help prevent or lessen disease severity. Using titer testing to measure antibody levels, veterinarians can assess whether a pet's immunity is still sufficient. If the titer levels are high, the pet is protected and must not be revaccinated immediately.

Benefits Of Titer Test

VacciCheck can be particularly beneficial for pets with potential health risks or those who may not tolerate vaccinations well. Below are the major advantages of using Feline and Canine VacciCheck

Avoid Unnecessary Vaccinations

Titer testing offers several advantages for pet owners and their furry companions. Firstly, it helps avoid unnecessary vaccinations, reducing the potential risks associated with over-vaccination, such as vaccine reactions or immune system overstimulation. It also minimizes the stress and discomfort that can accompany frequent injections for some animals.

Tailored Vaccination Approach

Additionally, titer testing allows for a more tailored and individualized vaccination approach. Some pets may be more prone to negative reactions due to medical issues or genetic predispositions. Titer testing determines whether a pet requires a particular vaccination or if its immunity is adequate.

Help Determine the Right Time for Booster Vaccine

Titer testing can be useful for determining the appropriate timing of booster vaccinations. Instead of blindly following a fixed schedule, pet owners can rely on titer results to determine the ideal time for revaccination, maximizing the effectiveness of vaccines and reducing unnecessary exposure to diseases.

In conclusion, titer testing provides a valuable tool for assessing the immunity of dogs and cats to specific diseases. It allows pet owners to make informed decisions about vaccination protocols, minimizing the risks of over-vaccination and tailoring the approach to individual pet needs. Pet owners can work with their veterinarians to ensure their beloved companions' optimal health and well-being by understanding titer testing and its benefits.