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The Vet-Tome, a major advancement in tooth extraction brought to you by iM3

February 12 2018

The Vet-Tome improves the tooth removal process for both vets and their patients by providing greater control during extractions. The Vet-Tome is an automated periotome that offers extremely precise tooth extraction with minimal or no alveolar bone loss.

The surgery is often flapless so the animal will experience reduced pain and swelling. This translates to less time spent extracting teeth and faster recovery time for the animal. Normal evaluation and closure of the alveolus may still be required after extraction. 


The electric Vet-Tome uses replaceable ultra-thin stainless steel tips/blades coupled with the mechanical in and out action generated by the handpiece to cut the periodontal ligament similar to a luxator (hand instrument). The mechanical action and thin flexible blade allows easy insertion into the periodontal ligament (PDL) and alveolus (tooth socket) coupled with the side to side movement by the operator cutting the PDL. 

The Vet-Tome will not work for periodontal ligaments that are mineralized, i.e. it won’t go through mineral/bone, but it does an excellent job on the canine teeth (and others) which can be very hard, especially lower cat canine teeth which can lead to jaw fracture. The Vet-Tome is not a replacement for good extraction and flap preparation but certainly a must for any veterinary clinic performing routine extractions. 

Vet-Tome benefits:

  • Less trauma to the patient 
  • Speeds up the procedure 
  • May eliminate or reduce the need to remove buccal bone
  • Allows work in tighter spaces
  • Cuts paths for luxators and winged elevators 
  • Decreases hand fatigue


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