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Cardisure - Pimobendan

August 22 2017

Pimobendan plus added benefits

Cardisure is bioequivalent to the leading brand while also offering added benefits.

The flavoured, divisible, blister-packed tablets are available in four strengths and enable accurate and flexible dosing.

Treatment with pimobendan at the onset of clinical signs of congestive heart failure is recommended in guidelines published by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Its dual actions are:

  • Positive inotropy (mediated by sensitization of myocardial fibres to intracellular calcium and by phosphodiesterase III inhibition) for improved contractility without increasing myocardial oxygen demand.
  • Vasodilation (mediated by phosphodiesterase III inhibition) for reduced preload and afterload, easing the workload of the failing heart.


With the further plus of competitive pricing, why not contact us today and discover how using Cardisure can add up for your practice.