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F10 Fact File - THE USE OF F10 AS A TREATMENT FOR BACTERIAL AND FUNGAL DISEASE IN ANURANS October 10 2017 ABSTRACT F10 is a veterinary disinfectant which contains quaternary ammonium and biguanidine compounds which act synergistically to kill a wide range of
Equipalazone® - Effective pain management October 04 2017 The leading multiple presentation treatment for equine musculoskeletal disorders where the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
RE-LEVE® - The Original Cereal Free Performance Mix   October 01 2017RE-LEVE® is a cereal-free, low starch (8%) mix specifically designed to replace all cereal based concentrate feed for horses in work that have a nervous
ARIA - How it Works. September 28 2017ARIA is an intelligent and versatile software to help veterinarians capture high quality images. ARIA allows practical, fast and homogeneous organisation,
Z6Vet UltraSound System September 10 2017The Z6 Vet is a well balanced ultrasound system, it demonstrates an ideal combination of image enhancing technologies and convenient workflow applications,
Protexin's latest edition - GUT LIX August 29 2017Protexin’s innovative product Gut Lix provides salt supplementation and supports the gastrointestinal system - but why do horses need salt and
CR 7 Vet Image Plate X-ray Scanner, Software & Sizes #2 & #4 Image Plates August 28 2017The CR7 VET provides unsurpassed high-resolution dental images, fast processing time, user friendly software, and the largest range of reusable flexible plate
Cardisure - Pimobendan August 22 2017Pimobendan plus added benefits Cardisure is bioequivalent to the leading brand while also offering added benefits. The flavoured, divisible, blister-packed
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