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Saracen horse Feeds is an independent, family owned business with more than 170 years of experience in manufacturing animal feeds, and remains to this day in the fifth generation of the founding family. The company takes pride in its traditional family heritage, and is dedicated to producing a nutritionally sound, innovative range of equine feeds, supported with an outstanding level of accessible and personal customer service.

The range of feeds offer consistent nutritional quality and are fully fortified with vitamins and minerals, formulated using the best ingredients available coupled with the highest of standards of quality control. Annual quality audits determine continued compliance to UFAS (United Feed Assurance Scheme) and BETA NOPS Code of Practice with an "open declaration" policy. Which means that every ingredient that is used is declared on feed labels, and part of an exacting formulation to protect the quality of the horse’s diet.

Two feeds within the product range, Re-Leve & Competition-Fit Balancer have been awarded the BETA Assurance Mark for products suitable for horses prone to equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS).

The extensive range of feeds has been designed to support horses and ponies through all stages of life, through all activities, taking into consideration their temperament, breed and metabolic status. 

Saracen Horse Feeds together with Eurovets supply over 50 stables here in the UAE.


Sneak peek of Saracen Horse Feeds Enduro-100 manufacturing process.
Saracen Horse Feeds

Eurovets supplying Saracen Horse Feeds to over 50 stables in the UAE.