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Eurovets News - Dec 2020

Welcome to the latest issue of Eurovets FESTIVE NEWS.

In our last edition we presented a list of NEW brands introduced by Eurovets here in the UAE and wider GCC. Since this announcement in July 2020, Eurovets has strengthened its portfolio. This newsletter serves to provide you with a useful reference to keep abreast of the developments within Eurovets and the industry as a whole.

Highlights in this Issue

  • IDEXX Extended Maintenance Agreement
  • Biosafety and biosecurity approach with F10 products
  • New pet food range to accompany a dog throughout its entire LIFE!
  • USDA organic bird food formula from Harrison’s
  • Topical and Oral Avian supplements
  • Eliminate bad breath with new Oral Care range from Oxyfresh
  • Pet grooming and treatment solutions
  • New must-have anesthetic products for your clinic
  • Treatment for obsessive - compulsive disorder in Dogs and Cats
  • Importance of Equine nutrition, additional supplement and microchipping
  • Veterinary clinic automation & diagnostic solutions