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DSF Fireworks month is here! Ease your pet's stress with CalmEze

January 02 2018

Yes we are excited about the 23rd edition of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)  which offers a full month of special promotions but what about our pets? During DSF month our weekends will be lid-up with fireworks... These festive events can be unimaginably loud and can cause distress for our animals.

Having CalmEze in your cupboard will be a good idea, especially for those pets that are easily stressed.

CalmEze is an all-natural nutritional aid for stress and anxiety related conditions in dogs and cats. CalmEze helps pets to deal with difficult situations by promoting relaxation, and stimulating a sense of wellbeing.

CalmEze is generally effective as a once-off dose, but some pets may benefit from more regular doses in the days leading up to the stressful situation (such as a firework display). Even those who only need a once-off dosis -  should be dosed at least 2 hours before the first fireworks start, as it can become more difficult to take effect if the animal is already stressed.

It is also important to note that CalmEze is not a sedative and will not sedate your pet. It is a nutraceutical that works to prepare pets to cope better under stress, which is why regular dosing in advance is recommended. For a dosing schedule that would suit your pet, speak to your vet.

CalmEze is available exclusively from vets and vet shops in beef flavoured tablets and caramel favoured liquid for dogs, and a gel for cats so there’s an option for all your pets’ needs.

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