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Eurovets is dedicated to providing your clinic with all your veterinary needs. We offer a comprehensive product range at highly competitive prices for small, large and equine animal practices including biological, diagnostics, nutritionals, medicines, equipment, consumables and more.

How to Order:

For your convenience, Eurovets offers multiple ways for you to place an order with us.

  • Customer Service

Contact our friendly customer service team via telecon or e-mail (Take me to the contact us page)

  • Via Online

Eurovets new online ordering system. (to go 'live' soon)


Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists
Supply Darvall branded products that focus on improving anaesthesia efficiency, reducing hypothermia and improving waste gas management for clinical, research and wildlife applications.
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Cipla Vet
Medicines focusing on companion animals (flea and tick control, deworming, joint and skin care) and equine health.
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Licenced branded pharmaceuticals spanning dermatology, endocrinology, equine medicine and ophthalmology.
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Destron Fearing
A Full complement of radio frequency animal identification products and software solutions.
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An effective veterinary practice hygiene range widely used to keep practitioners and animals safe from disease.
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Harrison's bird food
Certified organic, formulated diets created by avian veterinarians and nutritionists.
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Henry Schein - a Comprehensive product offering for companion animal, equine and large practices including consumables, diagnostics, clinical and surgical products.
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IDEXX Laboratories
The global market leader in diagnostics and information technology solutions for animal health.
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Leading veterinary dental company specialising in machines, 
instruments, x-rays and dental consumables.
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Kyron Laboratories
A Broad range of consumer pet products, veterinary pharmaceuticals, equipment and instruments.
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Mazuri Zoo Foods
Specializes in producing high exotic animal diets that are guaranteed drug free.
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A Wide range of dietetic, pharmaceutical and disinfection products for production animals.
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Rita Leibinger
Focused on innovative products specialising in 3D knee and spinal implants for companion animals.(TTA Rapid and C-Lox)
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Saracen Horse Feeds
Nutritionally sound, innovative rations from a company with over 170 years of experience in animal feeds.
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Worldwide market leader in monitoring the daily Ruminal PH and core body temperature.
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The Spectrum group
Testing solutions for allergies, chronic bacterial infections and to determine core vaccine status.
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Veterinary Instrumentation
Veterinary Instrumentation provides veterinary surgical instruments. Special interests are veterinary orthopaedics in general and Canine Cruciate Surgery in particular.
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Career opportunities @Eurovets! - Companion Animal, Sales Manager Are you interested in joining our team?  We are a dynamic, fast growing veterinary supply company with big aspirations that is looking for like-minded people! -Energetic team players whom are passionate, goal-orientated....